Our Services

We offer the best services as a result of consolidation of all best practices of other communities. We combine them to create a more advanced and effective system.

Provide Help

Provide help with our fully automated system. It will be automatically distributed to those participants in need.

Growth Rate

As a reward for providing help to others, you will receive 200% growth rate after 15 days. You will be able to ask for assistance in our community 200%.

Admin Funds

Our community has admin funds from the 10% admin fees collected every GH of our participants. This will serve as backup funds to ensure PH and GH balance.

Referral and Manager Bonuses

Helphing our community grows is a rewarding effort. 5% referral bonus and 5% manager bonus which is automatically deposited on your wallet after every confirmation of your invites PH.

Global Funding

With a single $50 donation in Global Funding, you will receive $3, $5, or $10 and it can happen every day!.


Lottery is a combination betting game and the winning combination draws are scheduled every Sunday.

About us

P2P Global Fund is a community of global bitcoin enthusiast donating and exchanging bitcoins with each other to provide help and get help from the community. We don't have owners or founders here in our community but only admins who conceptualize and manage the system of our community. We combine all good practices of other commnities (both gone and existing) plus admins own concepts to enhance the effectiveness and the quality of the system.

P2P Global Fund promotes transparency. We don't hide anything here and our admins are as honest as they can be. Admins are also members of the community for we also provide help to be able to get help from the community. We are not being paid here, we only doing this to help and uplift the confidence of members and to show that there is one community that we can TRUST. P2P Global Fund Community will start the CHANGE and that CHANGE has already started.

System Automation


Web Design




Fun and Experience



P2P Global Fund aims to provide a system that will connect all people who are willing to help and be helped in the future. This system is designed to allow members to exchange donations in a form of Peer to Peer method using bitcoins as our main currency. Being a donor (Provide Help), you are rewarded 200% growth after fifteen (15) days and get a chance to request your available balance (Get Help) after your growth period ends. We follow a PH-2rePH-GH concept plan as a result of consolidating other communities best practices and enhance it by adding 10% admin fees to secure our systems existence. We do not collect your donations only the 10% admin fees to serve as our admin funds or our backup funds.
We believe that by helping each other, we can achieve financial freedom together. Let's begin the CHANGE within us!

"People to People helping each other in transforming Poverty into Prosperity"

Community Concept

200% Growth after 15 Days

  • PH Amount(min) : $10      GH Amount(min) : $30
  • PH Amount(max) : $150   GH Amount(max) : $450

  • Admin Fee : 10% Admin Fee will be deducted on your GH request for our community's backup funds. This is shown on your dashboard.

  • Growth Period : 15 Days
    This is when your PH matures and ready for GH request. You can request for GH anytime as long as your PH reach it's 100% growth.

  • Re-PH: You need to make a re-PH of equal or higher than your previous donation. Before you can reguest your 1st GH, you need to have two (2) re-PH and your re-PH schedule starts on the 8th and 15th day of your growth period.

  • Auto Re-PH: Auto Re-PH is done during GH processing. This will always be the same with your PH original amount and it will be deducted on your GH requested amount.

  • Net GH: The formula for Net GH is Available GH - 10% Admin Fee - Auto Re-PH amount.

    Example Computation:

    PH amount: $10
    GH expected amount after 15 days: $30
    10% Admin Fee: $3
    Auto Re-PH amount: $10
    Net GH: $30 - $3 - $10 = $17 (You will have a Net GH of $17 every 8 days after your 1st GH schecule)


Everytime you invite new members in our community, you will receive a lifetime bonuses as long as you maintain an active PH in your account.

5% Lifetime Direct Referral Bonus
5% Lifetime Direct Manager Bonus

10 active direct referral with active PH is required to become a Manager.

Global Funding

With a single $50 donation, you will receive $3, $5, and $10 based on your listings and activated referrals you have. This can happened everyday! So start inviting more and form your groups to achieve the maximum potential of the system.


Lottery is a $1 bet amount for every 6 combinations that you select. You can input your own 6 digit combination or click the "Lucky Pick" button. Betting will be close every Sunday at 6pm Philippine time. After an hour, the system will generate the winning 6 digit combination one by one and display each number every 5 minutes. After all winning 6 digit combination is revealed, the system will display all winners and automatically send the prizes to the winners registered wallet addresses.

Total Collection is less 10% for admin funds to be used to pay for pending GH. If nobody wins, the entire collection will go to the admin funds to pay for pending GH.

Prizes are the following:

All winners must have the winning numbers in order.

3 digits - 10% of the total collection
4 digits - 15% of the total collection
5 digits - 25% of the total collection
6 digits (jackpot) - 50% of the total collection

Note: If you hit the jackpot 6 digit numbers and no winners for the 3 digits, 4 digits, and 5 digits then you will received 100% of the total collection.

Good luck and Happy Lottery gaming.


For the benefit of everyone, please read this carefully.

1. P2P Global Fund Plan 2 is 200% growth after 15 days and it requires one(1) PH and two(2) rePH before you can request GH on your 16th day.
*This was posted here on our group page and group chats and you can check it here it is still posted.

2. 10% Admin Fees: When you request for GH, you will be deducted 10% admin fee and this admin fees will be used to pay for our GH in plan 1.

3. AutorePH: AutorePH is still a must during GH request. You are only allowed to select your original PH amount as your autorePH. If you want to increase your PH amount, you can do that by doing manual PH and not autorePH. This is to maintain new money production on our system. After you successfully create your GH request, you can see that your autorePH has no recipient yet. this is because your autorePH has no funds yet but as soon as your GH request receives assignments, your autorePH will have recipients and automatically be confirmed.

4. Net GH: The formula for Net GH "Total GH amount - 10% admin fee - AutorePH amount = Net GH"


Your GH amount is $30.
$30 - $3 - $10 = $17 is your Net GH amount.

5. GH Assignments: GH assignments are purely based on PH coming and it will not be dependent on the admin funds collected. We don't want to experience again what we experience on our previous plan. Admin Funds will serve as our emergency funds meaning it will be a standby backup funds.

6. Old GH in plan 1: Payment for old GH in plan 1 will resume as soon as the system collect enough Admin Fees from GH of plan 2 and those who participate in plan 2 will be prioritized to be paid.

7. PH not showing on dashboard: If you have this problem kinly message admin Orland Juachon or admin Aron Quiray and send us the following details:

Member ID:
Date of PH:
PH Amount:

Thank you and God Bless our P2P Global Fund Community.

P2P Admins

"God Bless our community"